Biocopac, Development of bio-based coating from tomato processing wastes intended for metal packaging



Type: RTDP

Country: Italy

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The Experimental Station for the Food Preserving Industry, SSICA, is a Public Institute for applied research, established in Parma in 1922 and operating on a national scale with the specific aim of promoting the technical and technological progress in the Italian fruit, vegetable, meat and fish processing industry.

The SSICA Packaging department focuses its activity on the hygienic-sanitary control as well as on the correct functioning of the containers and of the materials involved in relation with their construction characteristics and operating conditions for use.


Role in the project:

As project co-ordinator, SSICA will carry out the overall project management and will be the main contact for ECSC and other parties involved. In addition it will perform the hygienic tests in compliance to the EU regulation. It will participate in the study of the chemical-physical and hygienic properties of the applied lacquers, in the evaluation of the economic costs of the new types of metal packaging produced, and in the distribution to can makers and preserving industries of the results obtained, being a privileged interlocutor of both.


Key staff:

· Angela Montanari is responsible for the Packaging Department and for the Surface Microanalysis sector. She coordinates the research and service activities of the department regarding the compatibility between packaging and food products as well as packed product safety.

· Chiara Zurlini, junior research, for the Packaging Department of SSICA since 2001. She studies and works in the field of plastic and metallic materials for food packaging; in particular, she is carrying out shelf-life studies on lacquered food cans.

· Turno Pedrelli, senior Research Scientist for the Packaging Department, is a specialist in the migration of components from materials to food products.

· Luciana Bolzoni, Senior Research Scientist for the Food Safety, is a specialist in assessment of food chemical risk.