Biocopac, Development of bio-based coating from tomato processing wastes intended for metal packaging



Type: OTH

Country: Liechtenstein

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SCHEKOLIN is a medium-sized firm which is highly specialised, versatile and flexible in the formulation of lacquers, in particular for both rigid and flexible packaging for foodstuffs. It is equipped with industrial plants and with various types of pilot plants for the production of water-based and solvent-based lacquers for coil coating or UV curing. It has laboratory equipment that is highly specialised in the preparation and characterisation of new lacquer formulations.


Role in the project:

Starting from the resins supplied by SYNPO, SCHEKOLIN will formulate water-based lacquers for the internal and external surfaces of metal containers to be applied on standard lines. In addition, it will carry out all the tests designed to determine their composition and mechanical properties. SCHEKOLIN will also be responsible for the preparation of a patent relating to the formulation(s) that yield the most satisfactory results.


Key staff:

· Gerhard Passenegg, a chemist and coating specialist, has worked for more than 20 years for SCHEKOLIN in several leading roles. Since the end of 2006 he has been a member of the board and responsible for the R&D packaging department. He coordinates all internal and external activities related to SCHEKOLIN's packaging coating technology.

· Bodo Schallenburger graduated as a chemical engineer and lacquer and application technologies specialist at the University of Applied Sciences in Krefeld (Germany). He is the head of development of internal can coatings at SCHEKOLIN.

· Carmen Zanghellini-Pfeiffer is a graduate in chemical engineering. She is the Head of Product Safety at SCHEKOLIN.