Biocopac, Development of bio-based coating from tomato processing wastes intended for metal packaging



Type: OTH

Country: France

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SAUPIQUET is an important producer of canned fish products with a prominent role in the French market and a predominant position in Germany, Austria, Belgium, France and in Eastern Europe. SAUPIQUET has been second to none in the canned-fish business since its inception in Nantes, France, back in 1891. SAUPIQUET is active at every step of the production process. To start with, it has its own fishing fleet to make sure quality levels are consistently outstanding, and to hold full control over the quality of the fish. SAUPIQUET sells a full range of canned tuna, sardine and mackerel, mostly under the SAUPIQUET trademark. It plays a prominent role in the French market through the supermarket and hypermarket segment (19.5% market share in value terms in 2003) and in the catering segment (with a market share in excess of 50%).


Role in the project:

SAUPIQUET is end user interested to use the new packaging for different kind of preserved foods, particularly those with high fat content, known as critical factor for the migration, and those with a complex formulation. SAUPIQUET will fill the new cans on its industrial plant to verify the actual behaviour of the cans in contact with tuna, sardine and mackerel.


Key staff:

· Daniela Villa (1953), has a diploma in Food Chemistry at the Industrial Technical Institute of Milano. She has been responsible of Packaging Quality Control and Packaging Research for Bolton Alimentari since 1974 to 2004 and for Saupiquet since 2000 to 2004. In 2005 she became Head of the R&D Packaging Department of Bolton Alimentari e Saupiquet and since 2008 also of Alco, Palmera and Petreet. At present she is a Member of A.I.I.P.A. (Italian Association of Food Product Industries) in order to attempt to solve the ESBO/Polyadipate migration problem regarding metal caps.

Adriana Corti (1980) graduated in Food Science and Technology at the University of Milan, enters Bolton Alimentari in 2005. She works together with Daniela Villa in the R&D Packaging Department.