Biocopac, Development of bio-based coating from tomato processing wastes intended for metal packaging



Type: SME

Country: Italy

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SALCHI is an innovative SME established 1993, is a private held Italian medium-sized industrial coatings manufacturer with seat and operations in the town of Burago di Molgora (Milan, Italy). SALCHI is focusing its activities on two fields: i) Varnishes, enamels and metal decorations inks for rigid metal packaging; ii) Coil coatings, adhesives and inks for packaging and industrial uses.

SALCHI has dedicated laboratories for the research and development of finished products, quality control, testing and analyzing of materials and development of proprietary resins used in the manufacturing of varnishes and enamels.

Production output is approximately 15.000 tons p.a. of coatings, varnishes, enamels and inks mainly sold in the EU, MENA and Far East. Customers are industrial metal can makers, closures, coil and foil coaters. The products for can makers include solvent-based and water-based coatings for two and three piece cans, for metal closures, for can ends, for pails and tubes, for aerosol cans. The products for coil coatings application include solvent-based coatings for architecture, for industrial uses and for metal packaging.


Role in the project:

Starting from the resin developed by SYNPO, SALCHI will formulate water-based lacquers for the internal and external surfaces of metal containers to be applied on standard lines. In addition it will carry out all the tests designed to determine their composition and mechanical properties. SALCHI will also be responsible for the preparation of a patent relating to the formulation(s) that yield the most satisfactory result.


Key staff:

· Sebastiano Brenni, Managing Director, holding a degree in business administration is working in the coatings industry since 1987. He was member of the European Managing Council of Basf Coatings. He joined SALCHI in 2001.

· Valter Orlandi, Technical Director, holding a degree in Chemistry is working in the coatings industry since 1981. He was Laboratory Manager at Inmont, later Basf Coatings and later PGG Industries; joined SALCHI in 1998. He is member of the CEPE Can Sector Group in Bruxelles.

· Antonio Donati, Laboratory Manager, graduated in chemistry is working in the can coatings since 1977. He was employed in ICIFICIS, later Inmont and Basf Coatings; joined SALCHI in 1998.