Biocopac, Development of bio-based coating from tomato processing wastes intended for metal packaging



Type: OTH

Country: Italy

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RODOLFI MANSUETO is an important producer of canned tomato sauces with a prominent role in the Italian and European market. RODOLFI Mansueto, can look back on over 100-years of experience in the PRODUCTION AND TRANSFORMATION OF TOMATOES. Two production plants are located in the area of Parma. These are the figures of the company: Processing of about 150.000 tons of fresh tomatoes; 110 employees, 70 seasonal employees working all over the year and 260 people employed during the tomato crop. Rodolfi sells in Italy (60% of the annual turnover) and abroad to wholesalers, retailers, supermarket chains and catering. It supplies the major food groups with semi-finished and finished products. The company brands are: ALPINO and ARDITA for the catering branch and ORTOLINA for the retail sector.


Role in the project:

RODOLFI is end user interested to use the new packaging for different kind of preserved foods, particularly those with high fat content, known as critical factor for the migration, and those with a complex formulation. RODOLFI will fill the new cans on its industrial plant to verify the actual behaviour of the cans in contact with innovative spiced sauces.


Key staff:

· Gianpaolo Ghiretti is graduate in Food Science and Technology at the University of Parma. Currently he is responsible for the quality control service of the company RODOLFI MANSUETO.