Biocopac, Development of bio-based coating from tomato processing wastes intended for metal packaging



Type: RTDP

Country: Spain

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TECNALIA is, from the 1st of January 2011, the leading private (non-profit) and independent research and technology entity in Spain and the fifth largest in Europe, resulting from the merger of 8 spanish technological centres. The fields in which TECNALIA operates are: Industry and Transport (Casting and iron & steel, Transport and Industrial Systems), Sustainable Development (Energy, Construction and Environment), Health (Health), Innovation Systems and ICT (Software, Telecom, Infotech and Information Society). The objective of the project is linked to the TECNALIA goal of promoting innovative, environmentally friendly and commercially viable solutions for the industry.


Role in the project:

TECNALIA is involved in the project as RTD performer in the field of chemical characterisation of lacquers and the in-service behaviour simulation of lacquered tinplate samples in model solutions. TECNALIA activity is focused on the evaluation of the polymerisation and crosslinking characteristics of the lacquers, by surface analysis techniques (FTIR) and of the insulating properties of the lacquers by electrochemical techniques (impedance spectroscopy). In collaboration with SALCHI and SCHEKOLIN, it will study the curing kinetics of the new lacquers.


Key staff:

· Félix Peñalba holds a PhD in Physics at the Complutense University of Madrid. At TECNALIA he is Assistant Manager of Foundry and Steelmaking Unit form Industry & Transport Division. He has carried out several research projects on the surface conditions of different steels and protective coatings in order to improve their corrosion resistance. In particular, he has participated in the following RFSC Projects: “Influence of surface characteristics of tinplate for food cans on adhesion properties of coating” / “Improvement of resistance to stress corrosion of tinplate cans for foodstuffs”, analysing can tinplate characteristics, passivation films, protective lacquers and their effects on anti-corrosion and adhesion performance (1999-2002).

· Xabier Gómez works with Dr. Félix Peñalba in Industry & Transport Division. A graduate in Industrial Engineering at the University of Navarra, he works in the field of metallic materials and their corrosion & protection. He also participated in the aforementioned RFSC projects.