Biocopac, Development of bio-based coating from tomato processing wastes intended for metal packaging



Type: SME

Country: Spain

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The Martinez Lopez brothers founded the company CONSERVAS MARTINETE in 1959. It is now a medium - sized family company dealing with the manufacture and distribution of tomato-based products. The factory is situated in the Guadiana Valley (“Vegas Bajas”), in the region of Extremadura in the southwest of Spain.

Their main activity is based on the processing of a wide range of tomato-based products, such as Whole Peeled Tomatoes, Crushed tomato, Tomato Frito, Tomato paste and Tomato Pizza Sauces, all of them packed in several sizes from ½ Kg to 5 Kg tins and from 20 Kg. to 220 Kg aseptic bags. A volume of 50,000 MT of fresh tomatoes are processed each year


Role in the project:

MARTINETE will select and supply to CTAEX different type of wastes from its industrial plant; it also will collaborate with CTAEX to perform a pack test with tomato products.


Key staff:

· Manuel Martinez Nicolás, a graduate in Biology, has been head of the Quality control and Production of this company since 1981. During this period varying and innovative products have been developed by the department, and new processing technologies have been incorporated.

· Sonia Mendoza Dominguez, a graduate in Biology, has been head of Laboratory Quality Control of MARTINETE since 2000.