Biocopac, Development of bio-based coating from tomato processing wastes intended for metal packaging


BIOCOPAC at the EU Open Doors Day (08/05/2013)

BIOCOPAC at the EU Open Doors Day

To celebrate Europe Day, the EU institutions opened their doors to the public in early May at local EU offices in Europe. As a sample of EU-funded research projects, BIOCOPAC results were demonstrated at the project stand in the Berlaymont building (Brussels) the 4th of May 2013.

The idea was to showcase a successful example of EU funded research as BIOCOPAC.

- Projects’ results were demonstrated at the stand with possibility for the visitors to touch, feel, and experiment with some demonstration items as: tomato skins, cutin samples, Biocopac varnish, Biocopac lacquered samples and food cans.

- The benefits of the project for the citizens was easy to understand and people showed great interest to the idea of the project and to the possibility of using a natural lacquer.

A copy of a quiz delivered to all participants by the organizers can be downloaded: see [+] info


[+] info: /fotos/other_documents/[4]%20European%20Commission%20Quiz.pdf